PRO-SPEC - Greyhound Racing Formulator

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PRO-SPEC - Greyhound Racing Formulator


FACT 1: That 98% of Horse & Greyhound Racing Systems available on the market today are either short lived or systems that lack the consistency to produce winners.

FACT 2: Our Horse & Greyhound Racing Systems falls into the 2% that are long lived and produce consistent winners.

PRO-SPEC produces WINNERS and only WINNERS. No LAY or DUTCH BETTING nonsense.

PRO-SPEC is a Greyhound Racing System used to assess and rate a dog’s chance of winning a race using 8 calibrated FACTORS.

Last Race Type
Last Grade Of Race
Last Track Dog Raced At
Dog’s Past Race Distance
Dog’s Placing In Last Race
Dog’s Last Win/Losing Distance
Dog’s Trap Number In Last Race
Dog’s Trap Number For This Race

This Program first appeared in 1988 under the Title of Greyhound Settler by Asirus Software. It was highly rated back then as the only true greyhound rating system.

The program has now been updated without affecting its engine.

Pro-Spec incorporates an AI (Artificial intelligence) Engine that interacts with the Factors and all data entered delivering a very accurate process and reliable Ratings.

The winning strike rate in its past ranged between 65% to 79% using the programs top rated dog. The SP returns covered a good mixture of prices.

Test Results From 2015 Using Various Tracks.

Number Of Races Tested 190
Number Of Winners 142

98 Winners Were Between 1/1 To 4/1
44  Winners Were 10/1 and Above

Strike Rate 74%
The above trial was over a 4 month period in 2015
Total outlay for £10 level stake £1,900
Total Return £8,020
Profit £6,120

Average Number Of Bets Per Month = 47
Average Winners Per Month = 35
Average Losers Per Month = 12
Average Profit Per Month £1,530


This program is supplied on a CD ROM or can be Downloaded. A good option for overseas buyers.

The program will RUN on all Microsoft Window Platforms.

Bourne Technical the producers of this software monitors all its programs sold to ensure consistent performance.
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