SINBLE Professional Horse Racing System

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SINBLE Professional Horse Racing System


Bourne Technical Producers Of Winning Racing Systems For Over 25 Years
Producing Good & Consistent Profits

FACT 1: That 98% of Horse & Greyhound Racing Systems available on the market today are either short lived or systems that lack the consistency to produce winners.

FACT 2: Our Horse & Greyhound Racing Systems falls into the 2% that are long lived and produce consistent winners plus you can see what your buying

SINBLE Is A Bet Of 2 Selections Made Up Of  Singles And 1 Double.  The Bet Itself Is Unique And Is Not listed Anywhere On The Internet Or With Any Bookmaker. There Is A Very Good Reason For This. What We Found On Our Trials Is The SINBLE Bet Having 2 Singles Which Backs Up The Double 95% Of The Time With Good Priced Winners Should The Double Go Down Thus Making It A Profitable Bet. We Have Now Coupled The SINBLE Bet With Our Advanced Easy To Use Horse Selection Auto-Perm System To Produce Reliable And Consistant Winning Bets GUARANTEED

Horse Selection Is Instant Per Race.

The program covers both National Hunt & Flat races run on UK & Irish Racecourses.

You Can use any newspaper with a racing section, however we advise The Racing Post or The Sporting Life


This program is supplied on a CD ROM.

Program will RUN on all Microsoft Window Platforms.

Bourne Technical the producers of this software monitors all its programs sold to ensure consistent performance.
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